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Gold Stock Bull by Jason Hamlin

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Mr Hamlin provides a market overview, sector analysis and then digs into his top picks in each sector. With a focus on up-and-coming junior miners, his model portfolio does very well when these markets are trending higher. Priced well at $495 for a year. Excellent results with focus on junior mining sector, gold, silver, lithium, uranium, energy. He has also added coverage of cryptocurrencies.


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Gold Stock Bull is a highly-rated investment newsletter that started out with a focus on precious metals and junior mining stocks. They now cover cryptocurrencies, cannabis stocks, tech stocks and more, offering investors a diversity of research and tremendous value for the money.

Mr. Hamlin has a background analyzing charts and trends for the world’s largest market research company, is versed in fundamental and technical analysis and has consulted to Fortune 500 companies around the globe. Jason is a cycles investor, student of Austrian economics and speaks regularly at investment conferences throughout North America. The Gold Stock Bull newsletter is focused on finding junior mining companies that are undervalued relative to their peers.

The newsletter is very comprehensive.  It starts with an overall view of the stock market, technical analysis of the major indices and monthly updates on various data sets including unemployment, manufacturing, durable goods, consumer confidence, etc.  It also covers insider buying/selling and sentiment indicators.

The stock picks include not just mining stocks, but red-hot cannabis stocks, cryptocurrencies (altcoins other than Bitcoin), biotech, energy and some short plays.

Their model portfolio returned over 330% (according to the newsletter) last year, driven by strong gains in crypto and cannabis stocks. Mr. Hamlin also advocates owning physical gold and silver in your possession and the service includes PDF guides on the best way to buy and hide your metals, leveraging debt in an inflationary environment to buy farm land, the best types of safes to buy, etc.

Trade alerts are sent out weekly with specific trades, prices and rationale for buying and selling.

Overall the value is very good, considering the amount of information available and diversity in stock picks to choose from.  It is also nice that you can trial the service monthly, instead of paying a full year.  However, there is no free trial.

The coupon code GSB20 is reported to give 20% off the normal rates, if it remains active.

Conclusion Rating
Great newsletter for timing and stock selection in gold, silver and energy stocks!
5 stars
Early into cryptocurrencies and cannabis space, lithium rebound, uranium rebound and precious metals. Highly recommended letter.
5 stars

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  • Gillian O says:
    5 stars

    I really like this newsletter. He is honest and up front about losses as well as wins. Great for finding up and comers, juniors and timing short term profit opportunities. The newsletter also covers other sectors, which I will occasionally jump into for diversification. Highly recommend Jason’s work and the price is affordable. Well worth the price of admission!

  • Robert P says:
    4 stars

    I have been subscribing to Jason’s service for about a year now. This has been a difficult year for PMs and especially PM stocks, So, it is difficult to fully assess the performance of the PM picks.
    I find Jason’s research and rationale to be very sound and I believe that he knows the industry very well. This is validated by his historical performance in PM bull periods.
    I’m a long term holder of PM stocks, so I’m not trading much. But I will say that when we have significant upticks in the PM sector Jason’s stocks, on average, significantly outperform the indexes and the ETFs. You do have to be prepared for some bad picks though and sometimes taking a loss. On balance, however, the portfolio appears to be very much tilted to the positive over the long haul.
    In the last year, during the PM doldrums, Jason has turned his attention to other sectors including 3D printing, food, and energy picks. These have been very very good. I have learned the hard way to go with his picks without procrastination about it.
    Most importantly, Jason communicates personally and in depth with subscribers AND he is definitely a man of integrity about the whole project. The way he presents his service, warts and all, is exactly what you get. There’s no BS or hype about it which is refreshing.
    I’m looking forward to a real PM uptrend as I suspect that his picks in the Juniors and the exploration companies will richly reward my patience with the sector. I definitely recommend Jason.

  • Joffrey says:
    4 stars

    Like for most newsletter and ALL of the so-called experts, the advice given by this newsletter should be taken in context and with a minimal knowledge of what you are doing. The key is to feel comfortable with the investing process and using stop losses. I followed Jason for some time now and , in my own experience, the only time I was truly disappointed was against me not taking his recommendation. I understand that when the market is moving full speed downward, it is mostly not a very good idea to invest. All cash is still a position in the market! For 2012, Jason has, indeed, a few very bad picks but the good ones exceed the losses favorably. Given the current experience, I do stay with him and encourage others to give him a try.

  • Leonard says:
    4 stars

    Solid research into the markets with a focus on junior miners. So many trash newsletters out there, so it is nice to finally find a good authentic one.

    I am up over $10k in the last few weeks. Let’s hope this trend continues!!

  • Yousef says:
    4 stars

    Still one of my favorite newsletters, despite tough times for gold. Jason’s model portfolio has is up thanks for diversification into other sectors. A few stinkers to be sure and probably doesn’t cut losses early enough. But my other gold newsletter have faired even worse, so here we are… hopefully at the bottom of this nasty correction!!

  • Arthur Fagen says:
    5 stars

    I am a great fan of Gold Stock Bull. It is always interesting to read Jason Hamlin’s monthly analysis of the economy and various markets. His recommendations, which fare far better than those of more expensive newsletters and trading services, are presented without the usual marketing hype. In addition to his precious metals recos,
    he made me aware of the future potential of the cannabis and cryptocurrencies markets.

  • David Highett says:
    5 stars

    Jason Hamlin provides the clearest analysis and best balanced of any of the precious metals sites that I have found so far. I particularly like his honesty and responsiveness. He also balances his portfolio with other sectors such as bio, canabis, alt currencies and oil. He offers terrific value for such a personal and frequently updated service.

  • Antonio says:
    5 stars

    Long time subscriber. While gold and silver haven’t done much lately, Jason’s cryptocurrency picks are up hundreds or even thousands of percent for me in 2017. Other newsletters that I follow aren’t even covering these investments. Literally DOUBLED my investment portfolio in the first half of the year!!

  • Priya says:
    5 stars

    Easily one of the best newsletters that I have paid for. They crushed it last year, helping me more than double my portfolio. This year has been slower, but still stellar results!

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