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Zeal Intelligence by Adam Hamilton

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Adam knows the gold sector, is versed in fundamental and technical research and provides excellent timing and stock picks. Down to earth delivery, creative writing that is long-winded at times, but worth the price of admission.


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Thriving in the stock markets is not a happy accident. Investing success demands a great deal of hard work, discipline, diligence, wisdom, and experience. As hardcore students of the markets, at Zeal we’ve devoted our professional lives to achieving this. All our endless research ultimately feeds our flagship product, the widely-acclaimed Zeal Intelligence monthly newsletter. For over a decade it has helped investors better understand the capricious markets, identify and seize trading opportunities, and accelerate their wealth-building.

Back in 2000 our research called the next superbull in commodities, and we have been multiplying our fortunes and our subscribers’ in commodities stocks ever since. For over a decade our trading track record has been outstanding, and keeps improving as our knowledge grows. Every month our latest elite fundamental, technical, and sentimental research and analysis is deftly woven together into actionable high-probability-for-success trades. Our long-time subscribers praise us for all they’ve learned and the fortunes we’ve helped them amass.  You’ll learn how to read the markets and sectors, time trades, and control your own dangerous greed and fear. As your confidence grows, so will your realized profits.

Zeal LLC was founded in early 2000 as a pro-free market, pro-capitalism, and pro-laissez faire contrarian investing and speculating Information Age financial-services company.  Our principals are lifelong contrarian students of the markets who live for studying and trading them.  We employ innovative cutting-edge technical analysis as well as deep fundamental analysis to inform and educate our subscribers on how to grow and protect their capital through all market conditions.  We have an unquenchable zeal for the markets.

We have grown particularly renowned for our totally distinctive charts. Our world-famous analysts at Zeal Research are elite technical chartists who provide an utterly unique style, crystal-clear presentation, and compelling logic unlike anything else out there.

Our subscription-based newsletter services have been blessed with subscribers in all 50 states of the Union and more than 55 countries worldwide.  Our popular weekly market-analysis essays are published and linked to from many other well-respected websites and publications globally, generating enormous Web traffic and exceptional international interest across the Internet.

Our Mission Statement: “To zealously provide our valued clients with world-class financial information services.  To research, analyze, and explore financial-market trends in order to uncover stellar investment and speculation opportunities for our clients.  To deliver these services with honor and integrity.”

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Subscription price reduced to $119 for 12 months. Bargain price for this quality letter for gold investors.
4 stars

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  • Chris says:
    5 stars

    ZEAL is one of the best newsletter I’ve read and I subscribe to around 20! Adam has command of data analysis and technical charting. His timing is quite good. Stock picks are mixed. Great newsletter overall and well worth the entry fee. Good for all levels of investors.

  • Yaz says:
    4 stars

    These guys really do their homework. Extremely good insight into factors determining a mining firm’s potential. I highly recommend them.

  • john wood says:
    2 stars

    Zeal intelligence newsletter; focused on precious metals and metals miners. Very astute chartist with some unique insight. I have made money with some of his recommendations. One I kept for a long time after his sell and It did very well. FRO. Still like the company and may take another bite soon. He is unabashedly Christian; like it, or not. I do.

  • Joaquin Rolands says:
    4 stars

    Long-winded at times, but otherwise spot on analysis of the markets.

  • Larry Ki says:

    Adam Hamilton,

    Regarding your article, Fed’s Debt Bomb,” did you personally write this article? If so, it is so full of grammatical errors as to be a turn off for educated readers.

    Mainly, improper use of the contraction and possessive cases. I suggest you have someone edit your articles for composition errors before you publish them.


  • Dano says:
    1 stars

    Look at this performance and you decide!

  • Nick says:
    5 stars

    While Zeal performance as the user stated above has taken hits I have used zeal in the past and their picks are fundamentally sound. I never use newsletters to time my entry , just guide me to solid jr producers…. I use a monthly chart with 10 sma of highs and lows to time entry’s… I enter after large corrections in the metals and the regular market as well. Zeal has good companies listed and I use them sometimes along with my go to newsletter/rating database that I subscribe to… I do this because while I an confident in my timing, I am not confident in my resource sector analyses…

  • Mark says:

    They don’t use stops and I got burned. Still trying to get back.



  • Cody says:
    5 stars

    I love how useless people with nothing better to do with their lives comment on “grammatical errors” Larry get a life chum.

  • Kram says:

    Mark – They dont’ use stops? Have you read the website. One of the main things pointed out on the site is the importance and their provision of trailing stops.

    You might just as well accuse the US Coast Guard of not keeping life jackets on their boats.

  • John says:
    1 stars

    Not satisfied. Does not change positions for half a year, every trade is a loss. And this situation is going on for years.

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