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GoldTrends.net, the leading analysis source for the precious metals market, is edited by renowned industry expert and speaker Bill Downey. Featuring free blog content, a free daily newsletter and fee based private enhanced content as well as signal trading, GoldTrends.net is the global source most trusted by many precious metals investors.

Bill Downey has an analytical background in manufacturing and production control in the disk drive industry. He became interested in the historical significance of Gold and Silver as monetary instruments during the 1980’s. His research led him to incorporate technical price analysis of the gold and silver markets to provide timing and price confirmation required for anticipated long term fundamental market trends.

In 2010 he launched the website www.GoldTrends.Net which tracks the turning points for gold and silver based on cyclical and historical price patterns using price channel resistance lines, cycles, trends, and seasonal tendencies.

The basis of his analysis has led him to conclude that while forecasts provide price objectives, following price is much more powerful than predicting it. He has published articles that appear on gold and silver internet web sites as well as guest articles for Futures Magazine.

Premium service is $315 per year which includes signal trading data.

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Premium service is $315 per year

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  • Bud Wood says:
    3 stars

    I have followed Larry Edelson’s advice for several years. He is consistent but often his timing is off in both directions. His advice was only so-so last year (2012), but to date, I have profited and am depending on him over and above the other (several) newsletters to which I subscribe. The subscription price is well worth it.

  • Tumbleweed says:
    3 stars

    have subscribed to Real Wealth Report for several years, back when gold was less than $300 an ounce. Since this newsletter targets natural resources, overall I have done well. Larry uses technical analysis, which is very good, and cycle analysis, which can be right on or completely wrong. His latest recos to short the S&P during the recent run up probably cost his subscribers a bit of cash; I did not follow this advice as I have been burned before with the cycle studies. His macroeconomic reviews are interesting and this is the principal reason I still subscribe. Real Wealth Report is the best of the Weiss publications, in my opinion. It is worth the $89 per year. For me, it is more of an educational newsletter; it is not the newsletter(s) I have the greatest confidence in.

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