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The world stands on the brink of more scientific breakthroughs than ever before. Every day, little-known companies step closer to creating things that used to be the stuff of science fiction: artificial intelligence … limitless clean energy… even the achievement of immortality.

Investing in these opportunities now is like investing in Microsoft, Merck or GE when they were new and unknown. With a single big winner, you could be set for life.

Of course, that doesn’t mean every company with a great technology will succeed. Its business model could be flawed… or its research may not pan out… or sometimes, it gets bought out by a larger company.

To find your chance for the biggest gains, you need a guide who understands these technologies and can analyze a company’s strength. And you couldn’t ask for a better guide than Ray Blanco.

When Ray was 10, he was the geek that spent hours in his room every night, typing programming code into his Timex Sinclair 1000.

By eighth grade, while most other kids were outside knocking a baseball around, Ray was in his basement figuring out how to build what’s called a “Wilson Cloud Chamber” — a supercooled device for detecting particles of ionizing radiation.

From there to advanced robotics and avionics… genomics and biotechnology… getting smarter was his idea of fun. And now he’s combined his passion for technology with financial and stock market expertise.

But Breakthrough Technology Alert isn’t merely interested in short term gains — instead, Ray Blanco guides his readers toward transformational profits that can deliver a lifetime of wealth! The portfolio recorded gains of 108%, 134%, 153%, 290% and more!

If you’ve ever wanted an opportunity to profit from the “next big thing,” Breakthrough Technology Alert is your best chance.

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  • Jonathan C says:
    3 stars

    Breakthrough Technology is a boom or bust newsletter that is made of hype and story. And it’s fascinating. Cox says straight out that many of these picks will go to zero, but the ones that don’t will go up hundreds or thousands of percent. His more heavily hyped ones (BTX, STSI, NNVC) haven’t lit the world on fire, at least consistently, but they are still out there with worlds of potential. As well, he hasn’t closed out a stock for a loss, which may be an alarming figure given that some of them are down 90%, and those he has closed are up minimum 100%. If you have money to burn for potential homeruns and a blind fold to wear for the market’s gyrations on a $50M cap stock, then it’s an interesting, and possibly worthwhile, letter.

  • Lemonade Jones says:
    4 stars

    Expensive newsletter, but they have made me money. I wonder when this correction hits full force, will they pull out of the tech sector.

  • André Erben says:

    I lost a lot of money with their picks. And if you haven’t subscribed for a while his stuff talks you into trail subscriptions which then are denied if you want to cancel out within 30 days. Reason: John Doody himself writes differently than his stuff tells you on the phone. Very dubious company, stay away!

  • Marshall Richardson says:

    Am I already a member of Breakthrough Technology Alert?

  • Avatar photo
    SNR Editor says:

    How would we know? We review newsletters.

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