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GSA is the market’s most respected and successful source of insight and guidance for gold stock investors. The title of GSA’s flagship newsletter — GSA Top10 — also sums up our unique investment approach that has an amazing — and verified track — record. We can’t guarantee future results, but we can promise the GSA Top10 is unlike any stock research you’ve ever seen. Below are 5 reasons why you should subscribe to this remarkable tool. The 3 minutes you spend reading them may be the smartest investment you’ll ever make. 

1. A laser-like focus on the 10 gold stocks with the greatest upside! 

At GSA, it’s what we do better than anybody. In a bewildering market of over 1,000 publicly traded gold stocks, we deliver clarity — and gains — out of chaos. We do this by finding the 10 stocks (the optimum portfolio size) that offer you greatest return potential on your investment! 

2. Market-leading performance — that’s independently audited! 

Since 2001, through 3/31/14 the GSA Top10 portfolio is up 685% — an average annual growth rate of 51.7%. These results are so extraordinary that some don’t believe them. So we had every buy and sell over this entire history examined and vetted by Alpha Performance Verification Services, a respected independent auditor. 

3. Simple, proven guidelines for investing! 

The recommended guidelines for the GSA Top10 are the very same rules personally followed by GSA’s editors. It’s all simple, but not meant for everyone. Our subscribers tend to be serious, patient investors; many have subscribed for more than 10 years. How can you know if the GSA Top10 is right for you? 

4. Unequaled depth and quality of research and analysis! 

The success of the GSA Top10 is driven in large part by the depth of GSA research and analysis. Subscribers and industry professionals alike recognize John Doody and his GSA team as the source of the most thorough technical, economic and operational analysis of gold mining stocks. This information is unequaled in range and detail, and is shared with you in each issue of the GSA-Top10 Newsletter. 

5. Recognized independence and integrity! 

There are analysts and newsletter publishers covering the precious metals industry who get paid by some of the companies they write about. And despite a so-called “Chinese Wall”, it’s well known that broker-analysts often focus on stocks that are likely to do M&A deals and/or sell shares or debt, both generating their firms huge commissions of up to 7%, which adds up to millions of dollars. So, whose side are these analysts really on?

At GSA we believe we can only serve subscribers by being 100% immune from any potential influence from the companies we evaluate and recommend. That’s why we have always been — and always will be — solely subscriber funded.

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A bit pricey considering the returns over the past few years
3 stars

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  • GC says:
    2 stars

    He didnt see coming the big fall of gold…, and I lost a lot of money. Sure, he may be up over the past 10 years, but unable to change direction.

  • C Till says:
    4 stars

    He does very detailed analysis (lots of numbers) on all the gold stocks out there, and reports all the facts in a shorthand form. The top ten are the ones the best bets at the moment, with a balance between big gold, juniors, and royalty companies. I’m investing a significant percentage of my account in his picks, because I think gold will be what will keep its value over the next ten years.

  • TT says:

    I subscribed for 8 years….I let subscription run out in Jan…..am still in his stocks….I assume he is still in AUY with buyout in progress

  • Ronny L says:
    2 stars

    Have not done well with Doody and would not recommend his letter. Better to just buy gold at put in your mattress.

  • George D. Norton says:

    I just joined and using your web site and trying to get information I paid for is a real “ball buster”. If you guys are so smart on gold then get someone who knows how to manage a website to do what you do with gold

  • D. Kosztak says:
    2 stars

    Subscribed for over 5 yr. Okay for larger, established gold & silver mining and royalty companies. Poor for smaller developers, since no outside “mining specific” consultants or technical experts are used to substantiate claims of these smaller entities. Recorded performance makes this deficiency evident, although John does not highlight his failures.

  • Avatar photo
    SNR Editor says:
    3 stars

    Thanks D. I have to wonder the value of just recommending the larger miners that everyone knows. Might as well just by GDX and be done with it. I prefer the newsletters that cover the up and coming, little known, junior miners before the market takes notice and they are fully valued.

  • Paul Vessa says:

    I have subscribed to Gold Stock Analyst in late April 2020 however I have not invested as per your recommendations , unfortunately the precious metals markets have been on a tear lately. I plan on committing $300,000.00 which is available. Do you think I should wait for a pull back in precious metals or get in ASAP? Thx

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