Are Investment Newsletters Worth the Money?

newsletter returnsMany investors are tempted to sign up for one of the hundreds of investment newsletters available, but a bit skeptical on whether it will be worth the money.  Often times you are asked to fork over $300 or more up front for an annual subscription, so picking the right newsletter is critical.  This is exactly where Stock Newsletter Reviews comes in, helping investors to weed through the worst and arrive at the best investment newsletters available today.

Once you find a newsletter that looks good to you and receives positive reviews by actual subscribers, it is not very difficult to get your money’s worth.  Even if you only have an investment portfolio of $10,000 and the newsletter helps improve your returns by 10% per year, that is $1,000 more in your account for an upfront cost of $300.  The return on your newsletter purchase is over 200% and ends up being well worth the cost.

If the newsletter does not increase your annual return by 10% or more, you can simply cancel and walk away having only invested in the range of $100 to $300 for the entire year.  Chances are that the education, insights and analysis were worth the money, even if it did not translate into positive returns for your portfolio.

Again, the best way to make sure that you are choosing a quality newsletter is to read subscriber reviews, such as those found on this site ( It is also important to make sure that you are picking a newsletter that has an investment style that matches your needs. If you are young and have a high risk tolerance, you probably do not want to be looking at a dividend newsletter with conservative investments. Likewise, if you are retired and looking for stable income, a newsletter that invests in small-cap junior mining stocks may not be your best fit. So, take your personal situation and risk tolerance into account when choosing.