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Rambus Chartology is Primarily a Goldbug TA Site where you can watch Rambus follow the markets on a daily basis and learn a great deal of hands on Chartology from Rambus Tutorials and Question and Answers.

Chartology is the Unique Blend of Technical Chart Pattern Identification and Market Psychology, Developed by Rambus During the Tech Mania of the late 1990s. His Early Training came the old fashioned way…Reading Edwards and McGee’s Bible of Technical Analysis and spending years with a sharp pencil graph paper and ruler refining his skills and accuracy.

In early 2002 Rambus exited his Long Tech Positions and searched for another emerging Bull market which he found in the budding Precious Metals Bull. Most Members are Staunch Goldbugs who have seen Rambus in action from the 2007 to 2008 period … and now Here at Rambus Chartology since early 2012 .

To Follow Rambus Unique Unbiased Chart Work and participate in the Chartology Form with questions and answers, and learn the Art and Science and Mindset of a Pro Trader you may Join us at Rambus Chartology.

You will find Rambus to be a calm humble down home country tutor with an incredible repertoire of all the TA based protocols tempered with his own one of a kind style…simply put…He wants to keep his subscribers on the right side of these crazy volatile and downright dangerous markets.

SNR Review: Heavy focus on technical charting and signal for swing trading major ETFs. Rambus goes long and short precious metals depending on given technical signals. The model portfolio is mostly ETFs including gold, silver, energy and some country specific ETFs. Past trades included specific miners but the latest focus seems to be on trading using ETFs. The “Kamikaze portfolio” makes use of leveraged ETFs for those looking for high risk/high reward trades.

New technical reports on gold, silver and other sectors come out every Wednesday and every weekend.

The technical analysis is solid and best suited for swing traders or day traders. While there are some company-specific picks, there isn’t much in terms of fundamental analysis or rationale for buying a stock other than technical setups. There also isn’t much in terms of macro-economic analysis or coverage of financial or political events and how they might impact investments.

This service is best suited for active or short-term investors looking for technical charts to help with trading ETFs. As with most precious metals based stock picks, there is plenty of red with Rambus picks recently. However, their willingness to also go short has hedged those losses and led to several profitable trades as well.

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  • Mike says:
    5 stars

    the best i’ve seen, and i’ve been around. old school charting that is very effective. the site is fantastic. you get answeres to questions fast. very frequent updates, sometimes several in a day. all you need to do is listen to the guy and you will do very well, and you will learn in the process.

  • Brent Seagle says:
    4 stars

    As a “die hard” gold bug; Sir Rambus saved me from myself last fall. I shall be forever grateful. His thesis is “fundamentals are baked into the charts”. Emphasizes trends, channels, triangular formations, and historical perspective. Excellent commentary and analysis. Combine his perspective/analysis with proficient day trading skills–all I can say is “BOOYAH”!

  • Dr Patty says:
    2 stars

    The above reviews were either written for the wrong website or they are paid to write them. I have experienced Rambus Chartology first hand and aside from one positive experience, the site is an abysmal failure to be sure. Rambus is curiously absent at the most critical times and leaves most of the updates to the board moderator, aka FullGoldCrown. Nice guy but basically serves as Rambus’s lap dog. They make a lot to do of the charting but it has proven time and time again to be sub par in its ability to forecast further than a minor trend in my experience. If a trend is intact one needs only standard moving averages and overlays that quite frankly are much more accurate. Again, this is my opinion but I had been a member for quite some time prior to discontinuing my subscribership. If you are looking for a site to provide you with some basic charting education then by all means join, but if you are looking for solid gains, please go elsewhere. They will tell you all about the tall tales of Rambus’s prior accomplishments but from what I have seen and experienced first hand, that is either a convoluted rendition of the facts or the man just plain got lucky. I could go on for days but again just offering my opinion and take it or leave it.

  • Jeffrey says:
    5 stars

    The above critique seems sincere. Which makes me wonder how 2 people can get quite different results from the same website . I have nothing but praise for Rambus calls.

    His forte is identifying the trend and staying with it. Yhis is not possible in the PM 3Xer of course as he has learned

    Anyhow this recent post highlights some amazing long term calls


  • Eric says:
    5 stars

    I enjoy this site immensely!!! Rambus has a clear understanding of the big trends in the stock markets and the previous metals complex.. Keep up the good work !!!!

  • Richard says:
    5 stars

    The TA work of Rambus is simply stellar and he covers many markets in addition to Gold and PMs. Much more than just a Goldbug site. He spotted the turn in early 2016 on Gold and the Miners and also got his subs out in early Sept after they peaked in August. He has also been bullish on the stock market since early 2016 and his trades have been spot on. Simply the best charting and analysis out there that I can find.

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